Pole Goals

As the New Year begins, we all like to set goals for the upcoming year, and pole dancers are not an exception. Pole dancers are probably even more determined to achieve specific results, both in tricks and flexibility. Until our Pole Goals board fills up with “Ayesha”, “Iron-X” and “Oversplits”, I would like to give a reminder of a simple formula for connecting with our bodies: YOU CAN’T CONTROL HOW FAST YOUR BODY WILL PROGRESS, whether it is in flexibility or strength, BUT YOU CAN CONTROL THE EFFORT YOU PUT INTO IT.

Time, frequency, methods and effort are the parameters you can plan. However, you can’t foresee how fast your body will respond to these parameters. Once again: you can control the process but not the result. If you want to achieve something in the pole/flexibility world, try focusing on the path and not only the end result.

A goal such as “I want to do my splits by the end of the year” is okay, but it might lead you to an obsession with this goal. Most likely, you will not feel any satisfaction from the process of getting into your splits, plus you will become very disappointed if the year’s end is coming and you are still far away from your desired split.

In the meantime, a goal like “I will be attending a stretching class every week, practice at home twice per week and won’t be slacking during a workout” will help you concentrate on your perception of “here and now”, which will allow you to track and understand the progress a bit deeper than just using the “goal-result” approach.

The goal “To hold my Iron-X for 10 seconds” is a direct path to disappointment.  While “I will break down this trick into easier moves and prep exercises and will spend 10 minutes, twice per week, to work on them” is a goal that your body will appreciate much more.

Treat your body respectfully, and it will respond to all of your efforts!


Owner/Pole Instructor