Pole Dancing: Getting Fit While Feeling Sexy

A beautiful article about pole dancing written by our student. Totally worth reading, especially if you are still in doubt about coming to your first pole class.

This year, I decided to try something new that was out of my comfort zone. After seeing an online ad for pole dancing classes in Guelph, I was curious enough to ask my friends if they wanted to try it out. Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, I’m talking about a fitness dance class that happens to incorporate poles, and everybody’s clothes stay on. I was nervous, because I have zero upper body strength and the gracefulness of a hippo, but I was excited to give it a try.

My three friends and I stopped by a drop-in class at “Pole Place” in the downtown area. What I never expected was to walk out of the studio feeling more confident, sexy, and energized than I ever have after a serious workout. The instructor, Victoria K, was very welcoming and so patient when showing us the moves. She made it clear that there was no body-shaming allowed and no criticizing yourself during her classes. I felt very comfortable trying out each trick, even if I wasn’t that good at it because it was such an open and non-judgemental environment. This was nothing like going to the gym, because even though I felt sore the next day, I was having too much fun during the class to notice that I was lifting my entire body weight to swing around the pole. It never felt like a chore, or that I had to push myself to continue exercising, and the best part is that each class builds upon the last, so you’re learning something new every time to keep it interesting.

After three classes, I’ve already seen improvements in my strength, my self-confidence, and my stress levels. As a student, I can honestly say this was the best $15 I’ve ever spent on anything related to fitness. I would encourage anyone – even men – to try it out, because I guarantee that you’ll leave with a smile on your face! If you’re looking to exercise without the hassle of joining a gym, and you want to have a blast while you build up your strength, then this is the class for you. I spoke with Victoria to ask a few important questions that you may have about her or her classes.

How did you first hear about pole dancing, and why were you interested in trying it?

I remember watching a video on YouTube of a girl performing on a pole, and I was fascinated. The girl performed all the moves so gracefully and effortlessly; she was hanging upside down and spinning, performing difficult acrobatic tricks, and balancing on the pole all at the same time! I fell in love and decided to try one day. Two years passed before I attended my first pole dance class. A pole dancing studio had an open house, and I decided to try it out finally. So, I walked into the studio for a first class and left in an hour with a three-month membership, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Why did you decide to open your own studio? Did you have any prior dance or business experience before this?

When I started pole dancing, I had no idea what kind of a workout it was. I enjoyed every minute of it, and when I started noticing how much stronger my body became, I couldn’t believe at first that all my strength and confidence was the result of one hour of pole dancing per week. Before pole dancing, I used to workout at the gym, but at some point, I realized that I was pushing myself to go and exercise. I didn’t enjoy it anymore. My girlfriends had the same problem; we all wanted to stay fit and healthy, but we hated working out at the gym. Pole dancing was the complete opposite. The more classes I attended, the more I wanted to learn and progress. I think that many girls have the same issue and I decided to give it a try and open my studio to help other girls achieve their fitness and life goals. Before opening my studio, I was a competitive dancer for seven years in jazz, contemporary and lyrical styles. I am also trained in ballet and even a bit of hip-hop. My first university education is in business, and my pole studio is the first business project of my own.

If you could describe pole dancing in 3 words, what would they be?

Confidence, Dedication, Accomplishment.

Would you say your classes market to a specific type of client or are the groups that attend your classes diverse? Have you had any men come to your classes?

Pole Place is a studio where everyone is welcome despite their gender, body size, shape, or age (however, you must be over 18 years old). The students in the studio are very diverse and supportive of each other. And yes! I have had men come to the classes! Pole dancing is fun and challenging both for men and women.

What would you recommend someone wear/do for their first class and anything they should avoid?

For the first class, I recommend comfortable active-wear; something like yoga pants or shorts, a tank top and socks. Shoes are not required. Try to avoid moisturizing your skin 12 hours before the class, and don’t wear any jewelry, such as rings or bracelets, as they might scratch you and the pole.

What kind of classes do you offer, how much do they cost, and what about memberships?

I offer three types of classes: pole dancing, stretching, and pole conditioning. All of these classes complement each other and will help you progress faster through the pole levels. A drop-in class costs $15, and it could be any class on the schedule. I also have a 4 class pass for pole and non-pole classes for $60. But, the monthly membership is the best deal: it includes eight classes for $80! With the monthly membership, you can attend four pole classes and four stretching/conditioning classes in one month.

Where are you located, what is your website link, and how can someone get in contact with you if they’re interested?

We are located at 490 York Rd, bldg I unit 203. The best and the fastest way to get in touch with me is to send an email to poleplaceguelph@gmail.com, and all the information can be found on my website at www.poleplace.ca, or on my Instagram, @poleplaceguelph. I can’t wait to introduce new students to pole dancing!

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