Pole: A Transformative Experience

I took my first pole class at Royal City Aerials without really knowing anything about it. I just had the idea that maybe it would be fun to try something new. Little did I know it would change so many things in my life for the better.

As soon as I arrived at my first class I was pleasantly surprised. The other students weren’t terrifyingly intimidating, the instructor was friendly and down to earth, and the moves we were learning were fun and challenging. I woke up the next morning with aches and pains but a tremendous desire to come back to the studio and learn more. I took another class, bracing myself for the pain that would come afterwards, but found that my muscles had already adapted, and I didn’t feel a thing the next day. This was the moment I was really hooked. I could see and feel changes happening in my body as I got stronger, and I wanted to keep making that kind of progress.

As I continued taking intro and then beginner classes, I found myself getting deeper into the joys of pole. I mastered climbs, reaching the top of the pole and slapping the ceiling in delight, with my classmates – some a little more advanced than me, others slightly newer – cheering me on from below. I noticed my pirouettes and steps get more graceful. And most exciting of all, I noticed my muscles growing – muscles I’d never strengthened before, and some muscles I didn’t even know existed. I was learning about anatomy now too, as my instructors helped me identify areas I could strengthen to help me achieve moves I wanted to do. I found myself flexing in the mirror at home and repeatedly squeezing my own biceps, amazed that even at age 34 my body was capable of suddenly becoming so much stronger.

Pole has given me so much more than muscles, too. I’ve become way more comfortable in my own skin because of repeated experiences showing my body in the safe and supportive space of the pole studio. I’ve loved seeing people with all different body types in the studio working on strength, spinning on the pole in crazy high heels, and shaking their asses – it’s the most celebratory environment, and everyone is made to feel beautiful and powerful and sexy. That has definitely rubbed off on me, and I’ve found myself gaining confidence outside of the studio too. I don’t hesitate to wear a bikini or short shorts anymore – after all, I have come to love how my body looks in the studio mirrors when I’m making a beautiful shape on the pole in my tiny workout outfits.

And on top of all this, I feel like I’ve become part of an awesome community. I’ve met such cool and interesting people at the studio, made friends, been inspired and motivated, and shared in mutual support and encouragement. I’ve really never encountered a community like this before, and I am excited to continue deepening my connections with these wonderful people who share my passion for pole.

All in all, I’m extremely grateful for the things that pole has brought into my life. I’ve discovered a great way to strengthen my body, improve my health, motivate me, make me feel beautiful, and connect me with awesome people. If you’re even the tiniest bit curious about aerial arts, DO IT! You never know how your life might change.

Written by RCA student Kate H.