Choose Your Own Pole Adventure

I started pole for the same reason many women start: I was going through a breakup.

In October 2021, after two years of the Pandemic followed by the end of a long-term relationship, I had lost my spark. I wanted to feel confident and sexy, and pole embodied exactly that.

I’d never tried pole before, but a quick search of pole classes in Guelph led me to Royal City Aerials (Pole Place at the time).

I signed up for my first class and was hooked!

Some things to know if you’re starting out:

  1. Sign up for a few Intro classes to learn the fundamentals. Royal City Aerials (RCA) has a $69 special for 4 intro classes.
  2. You don’t need any equipment to start. You don’t even need shoes! Show up wearing workout clothes, and you’re ready to go.
  3. The more experienced you get, the fewer clothes you’ll wear as you attempt moves that require you to grip the pole with different body parts (like inner thighs).
  4. Pole is a “Choose Your Own Adventure.” Once you learn the fundamentals in Intro, you can start taking Beginner-level classes, or try classes like Pole Conditioning, Pole Choreography, Pole Flow, or Flexibility. At RCA, you don’t need to commit to the same classes weekly. You can switch things up week by week.

My Pole Adventure

After taking Beginner-level pole tricks classes for a few months, I signed up for an Exotic Intensive the studio was offering. I’d never tried pole dancing, but this was the perfect place to start!

Victoria (the owner of RCA) led the 90-minute Intensive as we did pole dance conditioning, learned to dance in high heels, drilled a new dance routine, and performed for each other every week.

Through this Intensive, I developed a love of pole dancing. Luckily, Royal City Aerials offers different kinds!

I love taking Pole Flow (exotic) classes in heels, and Pole Choreography, a more flowy/contemporary kind of pole dancing without heels.

My favourite part of pole dance classes is the energy in the room, as we learn the dance routines together, then perform for each other at the end of class.

As scary as that sounds, you won’t meet a more supportive group of people than a room of pole dancers cheering you on as you flow around a pole.

The Pole Community

The absolute best part about Royal City Aerials is the people. I’ve been poling for a year and a half now and it has changed my life. I found my spark again and so much more: a supportive community of polers and lifelong friends.

Your Turn

This has been my pole journey so far, and I hope it inspires you on your own.

Maybe you’d like to learn badass calisthenics pole tricks, or flow around the pole, or both! Pole is a Choose Your Own Adventure, and I’m so excited for yours.

Written by RCA student Alex G.